In this CODERED, young people are vulnerable and faced with futures of increasing uncertainty, as environmental change is compounded by multiple emerging crises (pandemics, wars, forced migration, refugees, cost of living).

This sense of crisis and looming disasters is shared by global organisations such as the UN and its agencies, the World Bank, the IMF, the OECD, the World Economic Forum, and the Asian Development Bank, and by local, regional and global philanthropic foundations seeking to support game-changing interventions into these crises.

Our Objectives and Principles

Putting children and young people first, the Code Red Alliance will:

  • Leverage and scale-up innovative re-imaginings of childhood, youth, and adaptation for just futures – through 2030, 2050 and beyond.
  • Use the convening power of global networks of public research universities to create new, multigenerational partnerships to adapt, regenerate, and improve young people’s lives in the context of crises.
  • Productively contribute to a world where all young people are engaged as active stakeholders in shaping presents and futures that allow for flourishing, joy, and hope in adapting to ongoing emergencies.

We aim to co-produce – with communities and stakeholders, and across disciplines:

  • New models of childhood and youth – that promise to transform conversations and interventions so that children and young people can adapt to and live well with multiple forms of uncertainty.
  • Ethical innovation in projects concerned with education, work, digital tech, play/leisure, food (in)security, and young people’s participation, in order to promote new forms of intergenerational and interspecies justice.

We acknowledge:

  • That because of ongoing intergenerational injustices – shaped by colonialism, genders and sexualities, race and ethnicity, different abilities and neuro-diversities, and the profound inequalities produced by global capitalism’s pursuit of extraction and profit – these crises are experienced differently by young people and communities in different parts of the Global North and South.


  • Are an alliance of internationally networked and place-connected researchers with in-depth expertise in the complexities of, and intersections between: #children and young people; #play; #the creative arts; #pedagogy and education; #training and livelihood; #health and well-being #intergenerational social, climate and inter-species justice; #political economy; #human geography; #social movements and activism; #Indigenous knowledges; #feminisms and gender justice; #governance and policy; #technologies and economies.
  • Leverage existing networks, and a significant catalogue of previous and existing research projects (in excess of $100 million in funded projects) and partnerships, to develop ethically innovative, collaborative, applied research projects and interventions to make children and young people’s lives and futures ‘better’ in the context of multiple crises.

Contact Us

Does your organisation deliver programs for children and young people, and do you want to partner with other organisations and public universities to up-scale and leverage the work that you do?

Are you a philanthropic organisation that wants to invest in partnerships for place-based and globally connected programs ?

Are you an international organisation that can network and facilitate place-based and globally connected programs and collaborative partnerships?

If so, then the Code Red Alliance, with the track record and expertise that we individually and collectively bring to the urgency of these times wants to join with you to imagine, facilitate and enact projects and programs that can create and capture social, cultural and/or economic value for sustainable, regenerative and just futures for children, young people and their communities. Visit our contact page.