The project

‘Planning for intergenerational futures’ (2023-24) will further extend our important research on planning for sustainable places, principally in the UK, but also internationally through our research in India, Brazil and South Africa. Our work seeks to ensure that we are planning for, and building communities, in the next, 5, 10, 20+ years that have intergenerational futures, needs and capacities for adaptation at their heart. In our engagement with diverse stakeholders we also are prompting a longer term visioning of what we want our communities to be like in the future and planning for crisis – whether that be economic, environmental, health or otherwise. Transitioning through and from Covid19 we are in a better place to understand how communities responded to crisis and the forms of care that were or were not actioned at a community level. Planning our communities, using an intergenerational lens to be responsive to future crises is vital.

  • Project lead: Professor Sophie Hadfield-Hill
  • Co-I: Professor Peter Kraftl


  • Impact report on ‘Planning for intergenerational futures’
  • International event at the University of Birmingham (involving local, national and international stakeholders)
  • Academic outputs will emerge post data collection / analysis 


  • QR Funding (2023-2024)


Communities; visioning; planning; intergenerational