Project Summary

This Aboriginal-led research project aims to understand Aboriginal intergenerational cultural transfer and to share Aboriginal knowledge for cultural purposes and public education. It uses innovative methods informed by Indigenous knowledge and practices through the Indigenous environmental humanities (through storying, song, arts, and ceremony) to document, revitalise, and renew Aboriginal methods of knowledge transfer. Two case studies of intergenerational transfer of Aboriginal water knowledge and practices in the Western Australia Kimberley and in the southwest will be created. These case studies will be used for public engagement, learning events, and an exhibition at the WA Museum and through the WA Water Corporation website and campaigns.  

Project Team

  • Professor Anne Poelina, Nulungu Research Institute
  • Professor Sandra Wooltorton, Nulungu Research Institute
  • Professor Mindy Blaise, Centre for People, Place, & Planet
  • Professor Stephen Muecke, Nulungu Research Institute & University of New South Wales
  • Professor Pierre Horwitz, Centre for People, Place, & Planet